Peter Berndt

Victory - Painting tempera/wood panel, 24"x30"

This is a painting (work in progress)of a woman rider (barrel racer) in the winning round showing her happiness and enthusiasm with her victory at hand. The medium is casein tempera on gessoed wood panel. This work can be seen at the Space Gallery in Denver, Colorado.
Off Belize City - Watercolour on 300lb rag paper, 34"x47"

This is a 34x47" watercolour on 300lb hot press Arches 100% rag paper which I completed 2/20/2007. It represents a native fishing sloop running for shelter before an oncoming storm with jib and main sail set and drawing. The digital image shown here is a cropped version of the original. The framed watercolor is being shown at the Space Gallery in Denver, Colorado.
Moses - Watercolour on 300lb rag paper, 34"x47"

This is -in my opinion- a dramatic drawing from an antique cast of Moses, in charcoal on off-white Strathmore rag paper in a matted black frame and ready to hang, with an outside dimension of the frame at 25"x31". The drawing itself is 19.5"x25.5"
The Whole World in His Hands - Drawing ink and eggtempera, 12"x16"

This is a mixed media drawing/painting. It consists of India ink applied in the manner of pointillism. These innumerable dots of ink were applied with a technical pen. The globe is painted in egg-tempera. The concept of this work of course refers to the idea of the earth needing tender loving care from us, the members of humankind, and that it is possibly also in the hands of a higher power. For some reason the image has a blue cast on the yessy site whereas the drawing/painting is in black and white. I am going to see if I can correct this issue.
Ann - Drawing charcoal and chalk, 19.5"x24"

Another drawing in charcoal and chalk on blue-gray Canson paper, one of my favorite toned papers. This drawing, however, was one of a number of recent commissions done at the request of a client. It was intended as a gift to her partner. I am pleased to say that it was very well received. The client soldiered very bravely through the three or four sessions it took to finish the drawing, and she now has a better understanding of how hard the job of a professionl artist's model is.
Iliana - Painting in oil, 24"x30"

This is an original oil painting done during an intensive two week painting seminar with Yuqi Wang in August 2006 in Santa Fe at the Andreeva Portrait Academy. Mr. Wang is one of the Living Masters in the Art Renewal Center International.
Still Life with Mask - Still life oil on canvas, 16"x20"

Oil painting (still life) with mask, glass and metal globe, on canvas, unframed 16"x20.
The Eye - Cast painting oil on canvas, 10"x14"

This is a painting after an antique cast. It is an oil on canvas, done with black, white and some yellow paint.
Fire and Ice - Abstract painting, 30"x40"

Abstract painting in oil on canvas, using brush and palette knife in many passages. This painting does not necessarily require a frame because the canvas wraps around the deep frame and is therefore ready to hang.
Cast Painting #3 - Cast painting #3, 10"x14"

Painting after an antique cast. It is the bust of a young woman, frontal view, in oil on canvas, in grisaille, i.e. gray-on-gray.
Shell - Shell photo, 40"x60"

Macrophotograph of shell taken with 4x5" camera on Velvia film, scanned and printed on archival watercolor paper by my photolab in San Antonio. It is one of several signed and numbered series on small biological objects. The image is available framed or unframed. Price of frame on request. I am not quite happy with this photograph of this image and will soon post another one.
Julia - Drawing, 11"x14"

Work in progress. This is a drawing in preparation for a drawing competition. Medium is layered graphite on paper. The drawing is now completed and was accepted into the juried national drawing competition sponsored by the Colorado Academy of Art in Boulder where it will hang through August 2007. It is on loan from the Space Gallery in Denver.
Beauty in the Bag - Oil on panel, 24"x30"

Painting of orchid in a shopping bag.
Floating Forms - Oil on panel, 48"x60"

This large oil on panel is on display at the Space Gallery in Denver.
Fish Tales - Gouache on card, 8"x10" - 1995

Orchid on Table - Oil on wood panel, 22"x34" - 2007

Memory - Oil on board, 20"x24" - 2007

A painted collage.
Spigot - Ink on paper, 12"x18" - 1998

Tuscan Memories - Oil on panel, 9"x12" - 2008

Swatch - Ink and colored pencil, 8"x12" - 1999

Soul Mate - Graphite on board, 8"x10" - 2006

Thought Shape - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 2003

Solo Flight - Egg tempera on panel, 5"x7" - 2004

Question and Resolution - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 1995

Thank you, Mr. Klee - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 2003

Evolving Forms #3 - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 2003

Evolving Forms #6 - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 2003

Secret Garden - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 2002

Jumpin' to Conclusions - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 2000

Merger and Acquisition - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 2003

Mayan Feather Dance - Egg tempera on panel, 8"x10" - 2003

Evolving Forms #5 - Gouache on card, 8"x10" - 2003